Monthly Archives: August 2010

Dancing it is… Following up on my previous Korean blog post here is a little movie I shot with my friends in Seoul. There was no real script and while directing, translating from English to Japanese and then again from … Continue reading

Drinking like a Korean farmer. There has been a concern among Korean people about the quality of food in recent years and lately Seoul has seen a significant chunk of its native youth turn green and move to the countryside. … Continue reading

Arakawa under the Bridge. Continuing my appreciation of crazy structures in Japan, today’s installment will cover the Arakawa section of the Japan National Route regular Highway. When I first moved to Tokyo I had a little apartment in Shinozaki right … Continue reading

さんかく There has been a disturbing trend in Japanese commercial cinema recently. Most of the commercial productions are being set up to promote a cast of upcoming talent (mainly idols from the music entertainment sector). The results can be quite … Continue reading