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For the second episode of BONUS ROUND, AMERIKEN sheds some light about the tournament gaming scene in Japan and the way the Japanese approach their game. Continue reading

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We slashed the prices in half so there is no more excuse for not owning what soon is going to be the next obscure and yet socially acceptable tee to express your awesome lifestyle and sexual superiority over the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

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Here is another image that was part of a set of old concept arts I did for DAIKON SOFT, since then the direction has gone in a completely different way. Hope you will enjoy. Continue reading

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Forgenjuro talks to Japan’s heavy weight Frieda about Capcom’s upcoming Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 after attending last week’s pre release party in Akihabara. Continue reading

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The first Viral promo for FINALROUND XV. FINALROUND is the biggest gaming tournament in the South East, held every year in Atlanta, Georgia. Every year the best players gather in the southeast to compete with each other for some serious … Continue reading

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When Scott Popular got asked to provide a video game corner in the VIP section of the upcoming Tokyo Fashionista event it opened up an opportunity for me to do something completely different. Continue reading

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