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FAMI-MODE is a chiptune event held yearly at Kichijoji. The kanji for MODE in FAMI-MODE is the same Kanji as the one for HATSUMODE which is the first temple visit to greet the new year. The people visiting FAMI-MODE each January do something similar but 8bit fueled music is their temple and videogame subculture is their celebration. Continue reading

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In this interview for TOKYO x CREATIVES I talk with illustrator and designer Takagi Ayako who introduced a little alien called UAMOU to our planet. After graduating in London she brought UAMOU to Japan. And now she runs a little Boutique at the 2K540 arcade near Akihabara station. Continue reading

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For the second interview in my upcoming TOKYO x CREATIVES series I visited Meteor in Kichijoji to talk with its owner Sakagami Satoshi. Organizer of the infamous FAMI-MODE and FAMI-CASE events, Sakagami has dedicated his career to video-game sub-culture. Continue reading


A long long time ago in the middle of ancient Rome I shot a documentary about Centro Gatti di Roma, a Cat Center located in an archaeological area in the heart of Rome. Continue reading


市ヶ谷でTOKYOFACES.COMの撮影に参加してくださったの皆様、まことにありがとうございました!今日の写真をアップすることはちょっと時間がかかります、その時までにぜひTOKYOFACES.COMをご覧ください。よろしくお願いします。 Continue reading


Last week I shot an interview with Jean Snow at Klein Dythams’s in Ebisu. We talked about his life in Japan, his career and his involvement with PechaKucha and Pausetalk. Continue reading

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吉祥寺と下北沢でTOKYOFACES.COMの撮影に参加してくださったの皆様、まことにありがとうございました!今日の写真をアップすることはちょっと時間がかかります、その時までにぜひTOKYOFACES.COMをご覧ください。よろしくお願いします。 Continue reading


RHYTHM FOR CONTROL FREAKS DAIKONSOFT recently announced that RHYTHM CONTROL 2 is going to be released soon. I have worked very hard on the character design and its animations. Even though I can not disclose the final design yet, I … Continue reading

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I will be shooting a series of interviews with Tokyo creatives over the course of January. Planned are interviews with Jean Snow and Takagi Ayako . Lastly I am trying to do a follow up item on design/music/game store METEOR. Continue reading

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