Every year Sakagami Satoshi organizes an interesting little exhibition called MY FAMICASE EXHIBITION. Designers, videogame lovers and 80′s nostalgics worldwide are invited to submit their own 8 bit Nintendo game, by designing a cartridge label which Sakagami will print and paste on physical famicom cartridges. People are free to make up any kind of game they can come up with and are required to design the label, write up a short description about their game and even submit a faux game company logo. During the month of May he turns his shop into a little gallery and exhibits all submissions on the walls of his small boutique in Kichijouji.

When shooting TOKYO X CREATIVES I was allowed to go through the stacks of previous submissions and there is something quite charming about them. They all look like legit honest-to-god famicom games, ready to be popped in and played. Most of em are designed very elegantly and you’d wish that the games were real instead of make-belief. Of course I wanted to submit my own this year and the result is posted above, I have tried my hand at designing a little fictional puzzle game called “MOUSTACHE KING ADVENTURE PKPL”. The object of my game is to find and feed as many gold and jewels as you can possibly find to the big Moustache King before he loses his temper and eats your planet instead.

I also invited my friends over at LARGETOSTI to join this year’s fun and they submitted two hilarious designs. Even though the humor might get lost in translation to the Japanese audience, they had me cracking up when I opened the attachments to their mail. I am pretty sure they will post their own designs sometime soon on their website. If you are in the Tokyo area during May please make sure to visit the exhibition at Meteor in Kichijouji and if you want more information About Sakagami san and his shop I invite you to look here.