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2011 has been a very turbulent year, but also one of many blessings. I am very gratefull for all the messages and support I have received over the last couple of months in regards to the work I have made for the FINALROUND team. Continue reading

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It has been a while since I released something under the GENIUS CLUB banner and what better way to make a glorious return than a collaboration with the indestructible SCOTT POPULAR and internet celebrity Cheapy D. Continue reading

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We slashed the prices in half so there is no more excuse for not owning what soon is going to be the next obscure and yet socially acceptable tee to express your awesome lifestyle and sexual superiority over the rest of the crowd. Continue reading

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Unlimited First Edition Largetosti Gear. Go grab them shirts before the hype turns mainstream. Continue reading


Fourth installment in the Genius Club series. Continue reading

First installment of the Genius Club series. Continue reading

The Mother of all PechaKucha’s. I was asked by my friend Jean Snow to come over and talk about my work at PechaKucha held at Superdeluxe in Roppongi. I had never attended a PechaKucha night before and I was a … Continue reading


Where the poets of society come to drown in cheap whiskey. One week before the big earthquake I rounded up a bunch of people to shoot a one day project under the Genius Club banner. As I have mentioned before, … Continue reading

Dancing it is… Following up on my previous Korean blog post here is a little movie I shot with my friends in Seoul. There was no real script and while directing, translating from English to Japanese and then again from … Continue reading

I started the Japanese rain season with a healthy doses of sick, knocking me out for about three weeks. One night I was rocking 39 degrees and I survived by talking to the wall (seriously). It was crazy, especially when … Continue reading